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Christmas Service Opportunity

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all doing well and you and especially your children are having a good experience coming to Timpanogos Academy. I have been so impressed with the students so far this month with the way they are trying so hard to wear the uniforms properly. Thank you for your encouragement!

I love Christmas with all of the lights, songs, and the good feeling I see in the actions of so many doing kind things for others. I am also well aware of the struggles so many people have and some of the difficulties you may be experiencing. For myself, when I look outward and do what I am able for others, a magical thing happens. Both the receiver and giver are rewarded. The reward is not tangible but a warm feeling inside that is hard to describe.

The purpose of this letter is to introduce a service opportunity to help children in an orphanage in Africa. I met with a good friend of mine last week and he shared with me some experiences he has had recently and what he is doing to make a difference. His name is Steve Whitehouse and he is a parent of children who attended Timpanogos Academy years ago. He shared a story about a woman who lives in Tanzania and runs a small orphanage for 82 HIV/AIDS orphans. I have attached the story to this email and how he became involved as well as other items that help explain what we are doing.

This fundraiser will help make a difference in the lives of 82 orphans who live in a small village in Tanzania called, Kogaji. We are partnering with Africompassion USA, where Steve is a board member. Our efforts will be focusing on health, clean water, and hope for education.

1. Clean Water – The children and their foster families currently drink from a muddy water hole and must boil it to prevent disease. Each year many pass away from dysentery and cholera. With our help, the goal is to provide each family a water filter and teach them how to use it. Each filter lasts for 1 million gallons of water and would eliminate the need to boil the water.

2. Health – 1 in 5 children die of Malaria. The children are too poor to afford mosquito netting. ($25 each) We would like to help provide mosquito netting that is re-treatable and help to maintain them.

3. Hope for Education – The children have no hope for an education. Africompassion USA is trying to change that by helping rent a school building, provide caretakers, food, school supplies for the coming year. It costs $100 per child to attend. They also have a longer term goal of actually building and maintaining a school.

While I was talking with Steve about this fundraiser, I got excited. What a great way to make a difference. We are asking students to bring in money to support this cause. We will be collecting the money in a jar at each front desk. Our fundraising efforts will go until Wednesday, December 15.

If you wish to donate online rather than sending money with your children, there is a QR code on the attachments which you can scan to donate online or if you prefer, there is also an address to mail a check or money order. All donations are tax deductible.

If you have questions or want to contact Steve Whitehouse directly, his contact information is on the flyer. I hope we can make a difference for these orphans this year and the future.


Mr. Porter


Africompassion orphans fundraiser
Download PDF • 363KB

Havina Story for fundraiser
Download DOCX • 201KB

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