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Uniforms Represent Our School

Nov 23, 2021

Dear Parents,

It has been several weeks since I sent a message out. We had a great time at the Turkey Trot this morning with no injuries and everyone having a good time together outside. The weather was just right in my opinion. I wish all of you a great Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be grateful for. There are a few things I wish to address including uniform compliance, safety, and character education.

Uniform Compliance - I want the students to feel good when they wear the uniforms. I act better when I dress better. Students are the same. When they look clean, sharp, and correctly dressed, they should feel good. When any of us dress sloppy, we act sloppy.

Starting Monday, I will be watching for students wearing the uniform according to policy requirements. This includes shirts being tucked in, along with other requirements such as belts being worn. I will have special tickets to hand out periodically throughout the month of December. Each time a ticket is given they can write their name on it and put it in a collection jar for a drawing at the end of the month. Simply said, the more times they are caught in the correct uniform, the more chances they have to win. I am not sure what the reward will be but I can tell you, it will be worth the effort.

On the opposite side of this, if your child is not compliant, they may receive a uniform violation slip. I realize that some of you may still have uniform items on backorder from the supplier. If this applies to you, and your child receives a violation slip from the school, please communicate directly with me and I will be able to provide a temporary exception to the policy. (Please understand that I am the only person authorized to make exceptions.)

I am attaching the uniform policy to this email. Please read it and you can make sure your child wears their uniform according to the policy. My goal is to instill a sense of honor in our students for our school. Wearing the uniform in a dignified manner in accordance with the policy, says much about where they attend school.

Safety - Safety is always an item of concern but lately some things have happened that have caused me great concern. Sometimes, I see cars backing up so they can pull out of the waiting line and leave. On two occasions last week, a child was nearly ran over. I know we don't want to wait and it may even make you late to something but I must insist you do not back up when waiting unless someone is watching and directing you.

For the most part we do really well at drop-off and pick-up. We do better when we are patient. For pick-up especially, please plan to take about 15 minutes. We are almost always completely finished with pick-up by 3:15. If you want to just come and not wait, come at 3:15 instead of 2:45. If you come earlier, plan to wait and be patient.

Character Education - Beginning in January, we will start a character education program. We are basing our program on the 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey. For January, our theme will be Win-Win. We will talk about the Golden Rule and encourage everyone to think of others in positive ways and not feel sorry for themselves. I am excited to start this program.

Mr. Porter

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