Principal's Corner

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May 27, 2020


Dear Parents,

I trust things are going well for you.  This email will be rather short but does have some important information for you.


1.  My most important concern right now is the wellbeing of you and your children with all of the uncertainty.  If any of you have concerns you wish to discuss with me, please email me and I will do my best to help. 


2.  The state decided yesterday that schools will continue to be dismissed until at least May 1st.  We are in the process of preparing packets to once again go home.  These packets will cover at least through April 17 and will be available for pick up this Thursday, March 26th from 10 AM to noon and again from 5 PM to 7 PM.  I'm confident  you will find the packets as well as the online resources helpful. 


3.  Some people have asked me how to turn work in that has been completed.  This is to be determined by each classroom teacher.  When you pick up packets this Thursday, we will have boxes for each teacher to collect completed work if you have things to turn in.  Please understand, there is not going to be a penalty for not turning in work. 


4.  I have had a number of parents suggest we set up accounts for various online resources that are free at this time, but only through school accounts.  Right now, all of our energy is dedicated to providing resources that pertain directly to the curriculum we teach.  You will find these materials of value, but also feel free to utilize any resources available to you without requiring the school to set up accounts. 


5.  Before school was dismissed, we started a tradition of walking together every Thursday during lunch recess.  After lunch we tallied the total miles traveled as a school and then on Friday I talked about where we could have visited with just a short description about those places.  Please keep track of the total miles your family traveled by foot (no planes, trains, or automobile miles will count) during this dismissal.  When school is back in session, have your students report this number to their teacher who in turn will report it to me and we will see how far we have traveled.  This can be a fun way of getting exercise with a purpose as a family.


The last thing I wish to communicate today is my sincere thank you for all of the support.  I have attached a short song that was from Mister Rogers that I hope you can share with your children and bring a smile to each of your faces.


Have a great week!



Mr. Porter
Principal Timpanogos Academy