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Red is the color of Life. Gold is the color of the sun, the color of power, glory, and honor.

The Liberty Bell is a symbol of our Founding Fathers, and what they dreamed of for the future of this great country.

A compass makes perfect circles with the precise center; an instrument that denotes correctness.

Blue and white are sky colors. White is the presence of all colors and a symbol of chastity and purity. White reflects. Blue is a celestial color, and calming color. It is devotion and dedication. Kings are robed in blue.

School latin transparent.png

The crown has pearls of truth, studded with gems of understanding. The crown shows a high state and respect, good education and manners.

A key is used to unlock. It is directed skywards to unlock the truths of heaven.

The open book lives and is being read or compared with other books. A closed book is put to rest for a while or waiting to be discovered.

The motto belt holds the sword, a weapon to overcome the enemy. A superior education and the printed word can influence the world for good. Green is a symbol of fresh, new growth and life itself. May we always love to learn.

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