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Late Pick-Up and Uniforms

Dear Parents,

We have been in school for a little over a month and things are going remarkably well. I wish to express thanks for everything you do to prepare your children to be ready to learn at school. I know mornings can be difficult and sometimes it is a miracle that you make it. Your efforts are appreciated. Without you, we would have a much more difficult time helping your children prepare for their futures. Please do not get discouraged when things are not perfect and you feel unappreciated. I have seen many of you willingly giving of your time and talents to help us here at school and I know it takes so much time and dedication at home. Thank you!

As things are progressing through the year, I have found a need to talk about a couple of items and I am requesting your help to make it better:

Late pick-up begins at 3:15 M-TH and 12:15 on Friday. It is expected that you will be here no later than 3:30 M-TH and 12:30 on Fridays or early out days unless your student is enrolled in an after school class. I understand there may be unexpected circumstances, but this should be a rare occasion. Lately, a few students have not been getting picked up until after 3:45 M-Th and 12:45 on Friday. If this concern applies to you, please make any necessary changes to get your children on time.

Until now, to help everyone get used to what is expected in regards to uniforms, we have not been enforcing many of the uniform infractions that have been occuring. With what I have observed, I feel some of you may not understand what is expected. One item I will emphasize is that all jumpers must be blackwatch plaid. Khaki skirts and skorts purchased from our uniform vendors on regular dress day has been allowed for the past two years on a trial basis and will hopefully be officially adopted soon as approved items. By enrolling in Timpanogos Academy, you agree to have your children abide by the established policies of the school, including the uniform policy. Please help your child be compliant. Enforcement of the uniform policy will be stepped up in the next few days and weeks. Please do not be offended if your child is reminded or you receive a phone call about the violations. As we continue to work together, feel free to visit with me about any concerns you may have. Sincerely,


Mr. Porter Principal Timpanogos Academy

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